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Consultant job listings tend not to show up in traditional job posting media. In fact, you’ll usually find a consultant job through informal means. For example, you’ll find a consultant job via word of mouth, Craigslist advertising, networking or referral. You’ll rarely see a consultant job advertised in the newspaper — unless it’s a job working for a consulting company.

I’ve got some tips on finding entry-level consulting jobs. However, if you want to work as an independent consultant, you’ll need to let go of typical job search strategies and find other ways to find clients. Companies that hire consultants tend to place a huge premium on trusted relationships. So, if you’re looking for consulting work, try to ramp up your credibility, interpersonal skills and network. Go out of your way to make customers happy. You might even want to consider reviewing your consulting fees, since they reveal a lot about your markt value.

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