Clients for People Who Become Consultants

Who hires consultants?

Businesses, governments and non-profit agencies use consultants. They hire consultants because they need specialized skills or knowledge. In most cases, they hire consultants because they only need the skills or knowledge for a short period of time or for less than a full-time basis.

Examples of Consulting Clients

For example, businesses may hire accountants, tax attorneys and auditors at year-end or at tax time. Other companies may hire marketing consultants to prepare brochures and campaigns just before tradeshow season starts. A non-profit agency might hire an implementation consultant to help roll out a new computer system. Governments might hire writers and editors to help with success stories or speeches. Executives may hire career coaches to help them improve their negotiation skills, manage career changes, or make speeches to the board.

The Importance of Building Trust

Many consulting fields are not regulated. For example, anyone can claim to be a marketing consultant, tech support consultant, business management consultant, public relations consultant, writer, editor or graphic designer. As a result, companies have to spend more time reviewing the credentials of consultants in general fields. There is more competition, more marketing, more sales, and more difficulty in determining who is qualified to work in these fields. As a result, many people who hire consultants rely on referrals from trusted sources.

How to become a consultant series

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