Cold calling clients

Cold calling can be one of the most intimidating ways to find new clients. For some, the prospect of picking up the phone and calling a stranger can seem overwhelming. But Ari Galper encourages people to surrender to the outcome of the cold call (website now dead, 2012). Stop pushing your agenda or script and actively listen to the person at the other end of the phone. "When they recognize you’re not “pushing” for a certain outcome, there’s an opportunity for mutual exploration, and you can be viewed as someone who’s trustworthy," says Galper.

As a consultant, you’re in the business of helping people solve problems. By focusing on the needs of potential clients, instead of pushing your own need to make sales, you’re more likely to build relationships, trust and, ultimately, sales. People like to do business with people they like and trust. So focus on relationships and watch the rest fall into place.

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5 thoughts on “Cold calling clients”

  1. You make a very good point there about how important it is to actually LISTEN when cold calling.

    We cover this aspect in some detail on our podcast.



  2. There are many websites, books, newsletters and seminars on the market about cold calling tips, tricks and techniques. Most of these publications and gatherings offer good advice but they are usually out of date and none of them discuss the importance of tailoring a message so that you are confident going into the call. Confidence, enthusiasm and persistence will make you stand out among all of the other sales people calling that prospect.

  3. So true. I hate getting calls from telemarketers that don’t even ask if i have a minute to talk … they just jump right into their pitch. Do you think there’s a difference between cold calling to sell a product vs selling a service?

  4. I think that cold calling to a business is entirely different from cold calling to a person. And I think that if you cold call to a business by starting a pitch, you’ll ruin your relationship.

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