Building a business network for introverts

As you may have gathered by now, becoming a consultant is as much about knowing stuff as it is about knowing people. To sell your knowledge and expertise for profit, you need to convince people to try you out. If you love networking, coldcalling and sales, talking to people may be your forte. But what if you’re the kind of person who finds that sort of interaction draining and intimidating? Well, rest assured that you can still launch and run a successful consulting business — while having fun and making money.

Robert May at Business Pundit has written How to Network for Introverts. He shares several tips for networking when you’re the kind of person who hates networking. I found his tip "Find the key nodes in the network" to be particularly insightful: "If networking wears you out, you will be better off finding the ten key people who all know lots of other people, than finding and maintaining fifty relationships."

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