Too shy to try?

Do you think of yourself as shy? Too shy to be a consultant? Don’t be so hard on yourself! As I mentioned in networking for introverts, there are ways to deal with social anxiety. Although you might think you have to be a really outgoing person to be a consultant, I assure you that there are many reserved and introverted people working as consultants.

Just think of accountants and computer programmers! Many of them are not what you’d call people persons. But they still sell their expertise to companies.

Plenty of people make their way as consultants without ever cold calling (see my post on no cold calling), attending a networking event or making a presentation. They rely on direct mail, direct email, word of mouth, directory listings, trade journal articles, social media and other techniques. There are hundreds of options for people who are introverted.

So, if you consider yourself shy, don’t let that stand in your way.

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