No cold calling and a successful business

No cold calling and still a successful business owner? After my post on cold calling clients, a few people wrote in to ask if they could succeed with absolutely no cold calling. And, yes, you can absolutely succeed without ever cold calling.

I’ve been a consultant for more than 10 years. In that time, I’ve rarely cold called to prospect a client. (I have cold called for my clients, though, to help them find new clients!) 90% of my clients flow to me through word of mouth. The remainder come through other marketing efforts. But, most times, my clients are people who already know me.

As I mentioned earlier this week, consultants are knowledge workers. And it can be hard to convince people you know that you have the knowledge to solve their problems. So, if you have a really solid network and no need to make cold calls, you can still make money without ever making a cold call. However, do you have a solid network? Are you turning away clients?

When you’re starting out, facing a dryspell, or simply looking to build up your existing project load, it absolutely makes sense to cold call. And it doesn’t have to be an experience packed with fear. I’ll go over some cold calling tips in future posts.

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