I’ll blog naked throughout 2007

I’ll blog naked in the New Year. I’ve tried to reveal quite a bit of myself this past year, but I plan to strip away even more in the coming year.

(Now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll just mention that this post is part of the group writing project for New Year’s reviews and predictions on Problogger.net. Notice how a good title grabs the reader’s attention?)

When I started Become a Consultant here on ConsultantJournal.com, I tried to offer a serious tone. I wanted to get away from the "angst and cats" content of personal blogs, so that I could bring blogging to a business audience. And many of my early posts — like the one on home office supplies  or consulting fee rates have a fairly impersonal, business-like tone. But, as time went by, I realized that many of you connected with the more personal stories I sometimes told, like when I started dreaming of consulting  or getting out of debt via consulting (okay, the second one was my friend’s story). You didn’t always make comments on the blog — but your emails suggested the stories resonated with you.

So, in the coming year, I plan to blog naked. I’ll let my guard down a little more often and let you connect with my personal story. I’ve already updated the About Us to tell you a little more about me. But, bit by bit, I plan to tell you more. I want to help you see that I’m human and that I’ve had good and bad days on my way to becoming a successful consultant. After all, how can I expect you to trust my recommendations if you don’t trust in the journey I’ve been on? Expect more about me every week.

"I’ll blog naked throughout 2007 | Become a Consultant" from Become a Consultant at ConsultantJournal.com.

10 thoughts on “I’ll blog naked throughout 2007”

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts–they’re helpful to me. I’ve been really struggling with the same issue–personal, professional, or both? It’s been hard to strike the right balance, but I think you’re on to something.

  2. I think you win the award for best title for a post in the group writing project. Nice post as well. I need to work on letting my guard down a little more as well.

    All the best in 2007,

  3. Lol the catchiest statement on probloggers list.

    Sometimes you have to make your tone tough to do thing.I will keep an eye on ur blog lol

    I also got entry in darrens project.

    And i am feeding your blog.There wont be another chance to meet so many bloggers

  4. Well, you got me in.
    It made for a good read so it was a win win situation. I’m also in the group writing project.

  5. Hi,
    nice eyecatching title, i surfed over from the ProBlogger writing project listings.

    blogging naked poses lots of benefits.
    besides the overt traffic benefits, i feel that lots of people still overlook the associated benefit that maintaining an electronic diary brings.

    sure, a blog could merely be used to record our cursory observations and provide an outlet to unleash yet another keyword rich post on the unsuspecting blogosphere…

    but go deeper and a blog can chronicle our progress, our footsteps as we’re moving toward our goal (whatever it may be).

    sometimes seeing where we have come from, can be as instructional as where we’re headed to.

    to that end, enjoy your nudity!

    Andrew Wee

  6. I think it’s always good to have a personal connection with your readers. Good luck on trying a slightly different approach this year.

  7. Hands down, you win the unofficial Best Post Title contest. Congratulations. 😉

    (Here’s my post (link expired), if you’re interested.)

    Good luck, hope you win something cool!

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