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If you’re new to consulting, you may be surprised by the home office supplies you’ll need to run your business. However, you may already have a computer, desk or phone you can use and most, if not all, items will be tax write-offs. Here’s a list of 15 basic office supplies (in no particular order) to get you started.

List of home business office supplies

  1. Computer – laptop computers are flexible, but if you have a dedicated workspace, you can save by buying a desktop computer system. See my post on how to find cheap computer equipment.
  2. Telephone – if you share your phone with the rest of the family, consider a two-line cordless phone that has call display.
  3. Printer (multi-function printers also act as a fax and photocopier)
  4. Fax – consider a multifunction printer so that you don’t have a fax and a printer cluttering your office.
  5. Internet connection – consider wireless Internet, if you don’t have a dedicated desk or if you need to share your connection with other people in the home. Wireless Internet usually just means you need a router and a card.
  6. Filing cabinet – keep working files on your desktop, but make sure you have somewhere to keep business records. You need to keep tax records for seven years!
  7. Desk or home office armoire – get an ergonomic one that’s set at the right height
  8. Chair – get a chair that’s suited to heavy long-term use
  9. Stapler – need we say more?
  10. Stationery and supplies – envelopes, business cards, printer paper, paperclips and the like. 
  11. Stamps and envelopes for sending out invoices
  12. Clock – many people find their computer lets them know the time
  13. Calendar – schedule appointments with your computer or PDA, but keep a hardcopy in a calendar or appointment book
  14. In-box (and an outbox) – stacking trays help you manage incoming and outgoing paper
  15. Home business permit from your local municipality, if applicable

Of course, before you start shopping for office supplies, make sure you’ve covered the basics. See our article on setting up a home office.

What do you need for your home office? Tell me what home office supplies you need and I’ll add them to the list.

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