Consultant blogging, networking, and business

Why do I have a consultant blog? I started blogging about consulting about two years ago and, in doing so, I’ve met clients and business contacts I probably wouldn’t have otherwise known. Australian blogger Will Swain mentions that blogging has turned into a great business tool for him. His post, blogging as a networking tool, details some of the benefits of his consultant blog. Over at PC4Media, another blogger points out how blogging can support social networking.   

I agree whole-heartedly. I’ve had a website since I became a consultant 10 years ago, but my blog has really pushed my business forward. Since starting my business blog, I’ve seen my web traffic and lead generation efforts explode. I also have a great forum for interacting with prospective clients and educating the general public about my field. I’ve had lunch with some of my "blog fans" and, via these contacts, I’ve received invitations to meetings and other networking events. I’ve been contacted by magazine and newspaper writers who’ve stumbled across my blog, too. Blogging has turned into a great social networking tool with real business payoffs. And, after all, I work in a social networking business. Consultants like me live and die by our social networks. So you can bet I place a huge value on social networking via my consultant blog.