Tax write-off list | List of tax write offs

Tax write off lists — business tax write off lists rarely cover everything the the United States Internal Revenue Service allows. If you need to put together a business tax write off list, start thinking about all your expenses and whether they help your business. Business expense write offs for tax purposes include the costs of carrying on business. You can write off legitimate expenses if you can realistically expect the business to make a profit. (And if you’ve set your consulting fees properly, you should have room for profit.)


Tax write off list details

Business expenses (tax write-offs) have to be "ordinary and necessary" — common, accepted in your busines, helpful and appropriate. If your expense is partly used for personal reasons, make sure you only write off the business part. But think broadly about what you own that could be brought into your business — portable media, netbooks, digital cameras, video cameras and home office furnishings may qualify.


Tax write off list

Here’s a short list of business expenses you can often write off for tax purposes. Be sure to check with an accountant to make sure your business tax write-off list is appropriate and necessary for you.

  • Cost of Goods Sold — the costs for products and raw materials, including shipping
  • Storage costs for products you sell
  • Labor costs for workers who make your products
  • Factory overhead expenses
  • Capital Expenses from going into business, acquiring assets and making improvements
  • Business Use of Your Home
  • Business Use of Your Car
  • Employees’ pay
  • Retirement plans for you and your employees
  • Rental expenses
  • Interest
  • Taxes (some)
  • Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Stationery and supplies

Those are just some of the write-offs enjoyed by small businesses, like consultants.

You may also want to consider the steps to becoming a consultant. Good luck — and remember, these are just some suggestions. Always check with an accountant or the IRS for tax advice.

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Tax write-off list

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  1. I am an independent contractor (I have an S-Corp) for a company whom handles international incorporations; and do very well monetarily speaking. I strayed from the commission side and took an hourly settlement.

    I have studied accounting in my college years, and with my own business being contracted for consulting practices, I find myself constantly searching for referrals both to myself, and to my clients.

    This work is very clear, organized and obviously filled with alot of effort. I will refer my clients to this site, as well as use this as my guideline for my next tax season.

    Thank you very much for this information; the more people who know and understand the regulations around them, the better for everyone our economy and world will be. 🙂

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