7 reasons to use portable media in your business

Aah, smart phones, iPhones, BlackBerries and Droids. Are you part of the portable media club? If not, here are 7 reasons to use portable media in your business:

1. Stay connected

Use portable media in your business and stay connected 24/7. Check in on your business no matter where you are and never miss important last minute emails.

2. Maximize your efficiency

Use portable media in your business and avoid wasting time waiting for meetings, flights or any other moment where you find yourself waiting with little to do. When you’ve got downtime–even a minute or two–you can plow through email, check your calendar, or check in on your business online. One of the main differences between portable media and traditional laptops is that with portable media you don’t have to wait for the long boot-up time that traditional laptops need. One touch on your smartphone wakes up your iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid in seconds.

3. Be more active on social media

Use portable media in your business to keep up with social media accounts, like Twitter and Facebook. Posting to social media is quick and easy on portable media, especially if you take advantage of social media apps. Checking in on social media is a great option when you’ve got a minute or two between appointments.

4. Be on call for your clients

Use portable media in your business and be accessible to your clients whenever you want to be accessible. Respond to emergency emails from wherever you are. But be careful. Being an independent consultant doesn’t necessarily mean being accessible 24/7. Be sure to set boundaries and give yourself “me” time during which it’s okay to let business emails sit unanswered. Work/life balance is key, after all.

5. Access your data from anywhere

Use portable media in your business and rest assured that you’ll never be without your important data. Email addresses, phone numbers, reminders and calendar appointments are all at your fingertips wherever you are.

6. Consolidate your information

Use portable media in your business and sync your smartphone to your home computer.  Automatic syncing of your information means that you’ll spend less time  transferring files back and forth and more time generating business.

7. Personal perks

Use portable media in your business and reap personal benefits, too. Out on the road for an evening? Want to make dinner reservations? Want to see what movies are playing at your local theatre? Check in on your portable media unit from anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “7 reasons to use portable media in your business”

  1. These are all excellent purposes for smart phone use. It all comes down to customer service and anything that improves your customer services should be employed.
    Care should be taken to know when NOT to use your smart phone. When meeting with the client, nothing gives me more cause to have a one-on-one with a young consultant than when they have their nose glued to their smart phone rather than listening to the client. Even if it’s business-related and you can multi-task, you need to be professional when the client is talking.

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