Work-life balance

I was quoted in various Canadian newspapers today in a piece on work-life balance. The article says that I started my consulting business so that I could stay home with my sons. However, it doesn’t point out that I started the business several years before I even had kids. It was part of long term planning for work-life balance.

Still, many people start businesses once they have children. It’s increasingly popular for women to start businesses during maternity leave, especially here in Canada where mat leave is a year long. I wrote Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur for Moms to help women (and some dads, too) uncover possibilities for starting new businesses.

What do you think about work-life balance?

1 thought on “Work-life balance”

  1. Interesting article. I agree with one of your quotes in the article: that parents are not supported as much as they could be in our culture. This is something my partner often talks about when he and I discuss having children. We’ve discussed how perhaps in another decade he would have been more likely to have children, but in this day and age it’s just so difficult and we are all expected to do so much.

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