5 reasons why you need a mentor

The power of business mentors can be easy to overlook when you’re busy planning a new career or running your business. But although you may feel you have little time to dedicate to finding and working with a mentor, your success and growth may depend on it.

Five reasons why you need a mentor

  • Expertise

Mentors have knowledge and experience that you can draw upon. Mentors have been there. They are in the position to say, "Have you tried…" and "When I was in your situation, I.." and "Have you looked into.."

  • Networking

Mentors are established professionals. Once you start working with a mentor, you can tap into their network of contacts. This could mean other professionals, clients, or mentors who specialize in other areas.

  • An outside point of view

When you’re busy growing your business, it can be difficult to see the big picture. You’re so focused on your business plan or your next contract that it can be difficult to see your business in the long-term. Are you headed in the right direction? A mentor can offer a fresh point of view. 

  • Shared experiences

Mentors have been through what you’re going through. Or in the least they can emphasize with you. It’s crucial to be able to share your experiences and plans with someone who can understand and offer their honest opinion.

  • Confidence

There should be a high level of trust and mutual respect between you and your mentor. Your mentor should praise your skills, as well as let you know where you can improve. When someone you trust is being open about your abilities, you know where you stand, which instills confidence.

When starting a new career or taking an existing career to the next level, it’s important to have a vision of what you want to achieve. Whether or not your mentor offers time for free or for a fee, they enjoy nurturing and growing your business. Mentors help you refine your vision and make sure you’re on the path to get there.

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