Land line or cell phone line?

Land line or cell phone line?

A reader wrote in to ask about telephone options for his consulting business.

"Should I get a land line or cell phone for my home business?"

Forgive me for sounding like an economist, but it depends. If you’re frequently out of your office or perhaps working from a mobile office, such as your car or a coffee shop, a cell phone may be the best option. With a cell phone, you can be in constant contact with clients and business partners.

However, with a land line, you may see lower costs. Mobile phone plans can be expensive, whereas land lines tend to be a bit cheaper, especially for long distance calls.

I’ve got a land line and a cell phone. But my cell phone consists of a $50 phone that came with $50 in calling credits. I pay $10 a month for 40 minutes of access time. I use my cell for checking my home office voice mail, making quick calls to clients and, when necessary, for "emergency" business calls. Wherever possible, I call back from a land line. This saves money, ensures a great connection, and forces me to slow down and focus on the person I’m calling. I almost never make calls from my car. In fact, I try to meet with clients near my home, so that I avoid needing to use my car in the first place.

I suppose you could call me frugal. But I’m a big believer in managing the cost of doing business. I run a busy consulting business without needing to spend $100 or $200 a month on a cell phone. Instead, I can put that money into my own pocket or into revenue-generating activities.

How about you? Would you stick with just a cell phone line or do you need a land line too?