How a smart phone can help your business

Wondering how a smart phone can help your business? Smart phones give you the option of browsing the web, listening to music, making telephone calls, checking email, taking photos and watching videos–all in one tiny phone. As you can imagine, smart phones help businesses in many ways. Here are six benefits that smart phones offer for businesses:

1. Work while waiting

If you’ve got a consulting business that takes you out of the office frequently, you’ll know that there are many times during the day while you’re waiting: in line at the coffee shop, waiting for a late client, and so on. Having a smart phone allows you to make the most of your working day. Get more done while you’re out of the office.

2. Information at your fingertips

A smart phone gives you easy access to the internet, which means you’ll have 24/7 access to, well, all the information you could possibly imagine. Need directions? Need to look up an address or need to brief yourself with some background information? With a smart phone you’ve get all the information you could ever need.

3. Avoid wasted trips

With access to your email while you’re out, you’ll be able to catch those last minute emails or phone calls, like when a meeting or conference is canceled at the last minute.

4. Relax when you want

If you’re out of the office and wanting some quick down-time, you’ll have access to video and music to help you relax when you need a break.

5. Availability when out of the office

Having the ability to check email and be available while you’re out of the office is crucial, especially if your consulting business means that are your client’s first call in case of emergency. But be careful. Set boundaries and don’t neglect your work-life balance.

6. Take advantage of web apps

There are thousands of web apps that offer time-saving and ingenious tools, from expense trackers and schedulers to invoicing apps. Digitizing some of your administrative tasks can save time and money.

Do you have a smart phone? How do you use your smart phone to help your business? Or do you find your smart phone is just a distraction? Let me know whether you think a smart phone would help your business.

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