How’s your work-life balance? |Work-life balance

Work-life balance comes up a lot when I talk about the reasons to become a consultant.  I love consulting because of the many non-financial rewards it’s brought me. (Of course, I love the financial rewards too.) Flexibility, time with family, freedom to travel, and so on. It’s great when you can call your own shots.

But, when you have your office in your home, it can sometimes be hard to maintain a work-life balance. I used to have my home office in a corner of my living room. That made it hard to ever tear myself away from work. Now I have a larger home and I use one bedroom (the one with the best view!) for my home office. It helps to be able to close the door on work. Otherwise, when I’m watching a movie or making dinner, the "ding" of new email is likely to pull me back. I don’t have that problem anymore.

How’s your work-life balance? Do you feel in tune with yourself, regardless of whether you work for yourself or someone else?

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