Friday 5: tips for success in consulting

As part of my Friday Five series of top five lists, here comes Brian Hewitt’s 5 tips for success in IT consulting. Even though he mentions IT consulting, the list offers good advice for people working in just about any consulting field. Consider Brian’s thoughts about  "throwaway interviews" with prospective clients:

A “throw away interview” is an interview for a job I’m almost certain I either won’t get based on my qualifications, or am not likely to take if offered. (Some “throw aways” have surprised me and turned into great contracts!) It’s a great way to get practice, and develop your personal sales pitch and I.T. anecdotes.

Practicing your basic selling skills and honing your pitch are great ideas — as long as you’ve got the time. Of course, if you’re truly strapped for time, you must already be doing a great job with sales and marketing.