How to make your home business look professional

Wondering how to make your home business look and sound professional? Keeping up a professional image when you work from home takes a little foresight and planning. One of the most important parts of your image is the telephone.

Tips for managing your home office telephone


  • Don’t let your kids answer the phone, unless you’ve trained them to do it.
  • Answer your phone in a professional voice.
  • Keep your PDA or appointment book near the phone, so that you can quickly book meetings
  • If you can afford it, get two separate phone lines, if you share your home phone with family or roommates.
  • Get caller ID so you know who’s calling, especially if you don’t have a dedicated business line.
  • Use a cell phone for business calls and forward it to your home phone when you’re available, if you can’t manage separate land lines.
  • Record a professional greeting for your voice mail.

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