Office gadgets I can’t live without

Office gadgets I can’t live without

Office gadgets can spice up the otherwise sometimes boring home office life of a consultant. I’ve been using computers since I was seven years old, so I’ve always been a bit of a gadget geek. (A friend nearly fainted yesterday when I spoke to her on the phone and said that I called her before checking my email. Shocking.) I’ve never been over the top about my office gadgets, but I do have them. I personally believe Microsoft Excel is the best thing ever invented, antibiotics not withstanding! And I’ve believed that since before I decided to become a consultant.

My office gadgets include:

  • cordless phone with caller ID
  • Acer Aspire 5000 laptop
  • generic computer server for hosting email, websites and extra diskspace
  • DVD burner
  • DV video camera so I can record myself doing public speaking and critique it later
  • multifunction printer/fax/copier/scanner — I’d like to replace this soon, since I’m really unhappy with my Brother 4420C
  • digital camera for taking photos for my other business site
  • financial calculator for calculating consulting fees, return on investment, and anything else that moves me
  • Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel
  • C64 joystick video game, a recreational office gadget for when I want to relive my youth and take a break from work
  • optical mouse, which I must constantly hide from my toddler, who puts it on the floor with his cars and says, "Beep! Beep!".

My next office gadgets:

I’m currently shopping for a 32" flat screen LCD HDTV, so I can watch business shows, check the news for client media hits, play back DVDs of my public speaking and have some background noise. (And, no, I won’t claim this 100% as a tax write off, especially not until I’ve talked with my accountant!)

As you can see, I don’t have tons of office gadgets and gizmos. Those are pretty standard, even for people who aren’t into gadgets, office or otherwise. I’m interested in hearing what office gadgets you can’t live with out. Feel free to leave your info in the comments — or blog about this post, link to it, and I’ll include you in a link roundup. No need to stick to high tech gadgets! I was pleasantly surprised by this encyclopedia entry that says a gizmo need not have moving parts. So feel free to tell me about your gizmos, too, even this Gizmo.

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Office gadgets I can’t live without.