Become a small business consultant

Become a small business consultant today and enjoy the benefits and freedom of being a consultant.

What is a small business consultant? A small business consultant is an independent consultant who helps other small businesses thrive by offering advice and an outsider perspective.

Here are the top questions about how to become a small business consultant.

1. Who should become a small business consultant?

Unlike some consulting niches, small business consultants come from varied backgrounds and certification is not required. Invariably, though, small business consultants should have experience working (or studying) successful small businesses.

Small business consultants need to have an understanding of the following areas:

  • Defining small businesses
  • Growing small businesses
  • Attracting customers
  • Identifying problems and proposing solutions
  • Business strategies
  • Marketing strategies

2. How long does it take to become a small business consultant?

The length of time it takes to become a small business consultant can vary greatly. Being a small business consultant means developing a rapport with small businesses. The length of time it takes to attract clients depends on your network, marketing skills, expertise, social skills, confidence, expertise and many other factors. Check out this article that explains how long it takes to become a consultant.

3. What are the benefits of being a small business consultant?

Besides the basic benefits of being a consultant, small business consultants report high levels of job satisfaction because they help small businesses grow and witness the changes firsthand.

4. I’ve decided to become a small business consultant. Now what?

In order to become a small business consultant you’ve got to take the leap! If you’ve done all your research and you think you’re ready to become a small business consultant, then you’re ready to start building your expert status. Want to know how to build your expert status as a small business consultant? Subscribe to Consultant Journal’s newsletter and receive Six Tips for Jumpstarting Your Expert Status when you sign up.

Want help in making the transition to consulting? Enroll in the official Consultant Journal course — Become a Consultant: How to Make the Leap. With audio and written lessons, 25 exercises, discussion forums and more, you’ll have mentorship in your journey to consulting.

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2 thoughts on “Become a small business consultant”

  1. What type of experience do you think someone should have before they try to become a Business Consultant?

    I often see people straight out of school trying to start a consulting business with out even haven worked on a single project. Does your course show people how to do this with out experience? If so I would be a possible buyer.

  2. Many people have relevant work experience by the time they finish school. Some people, such as Bill Gates, were consulting when they were still in high school. This is why it makes sense to do a personal inventory and get a strong sense of your unique attributes – and analyze your target market. Yes, the course goes into this.

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