Digital cameras for business

Digital cameras for business are becoming increasingly common. Many large organizations have digital cameras in office, and that goes for consultants, too.

Digital cameras can be used for many business purposes, including taking photos to include in presentations and proposals, to document change, to capture people and ideas and to promote products or services. Many smartphones have digital cameras built right into them, and smartphones can be great to snap quick pictures as reminders. But if you plan to use your photos for public consumption, opting for a high quality digital camera–perhaps even a digital SLR camera–is wise.

Professionals should have a dedicated digital camera for business use instead of using a personal camera for both home and business use. Why? Because if you’re sharing one camera for both purposes you’ll never have the camera when you need it: when you want your camera at home it’ll be at the office, and vice versa.  However, if you work from home, distinguishing business versus personal is not as important. If you do buy a digital camera to use in your business, don’t forget to consider the tax benefits of your purchase.

What do you think about digital cameras for business? Are digital cameras for business necessary? How do you use digital cameras for business purposes?

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