Buying a netbook – 7 tips

Buying a netbook? Then you could use these seven tips that will help you choose the right netbook.

1. Netbooks explained

Do you really want a netbook or should you be buying a laptop or desktop computer instead? A netbook is a small, lightweight portable computer used primarily for browsing the Internet.

Netbooks generally boast smaller screens and keyboards than regular notebook or laptop computers. Most consultants use netbooks as secondary computers rather than as primary computers. Before buying a netbook, make sure that a netbook suits your needs.

2. Budget

Buying a netbook is an attractive option because netbooks can be inexpensive when compared to other computers. When considering which netbook to purchase, consider what you’re going to use it for. Like most products, the cheapest netbook may not be the best bet for your needs. Balance your budget with your wants and needs when it comes to your new netbook.

3. Test drive your netbook’s size

If you’re accustomed to a regular laptop, be sure to try out a netbook before you buy one. Small netbooks can be cute, but some netbooks’ small screens and reduced-sized keyboards can drive users crazy.

Test one out to determine how small a screen you can handle.

4. Memory capacity

How much memory will you need? Be sure to consider how much memory your new netbook comes with. Will it be possible to add more memory at a later date?

5. Battery life

Compare battery life when making your decision. Many buyers end up using their netbooks as portable media centres; while traveling or waiting for a flight, netbooks are handy companions so paying more for a six-cell battery may be a good idea. 

6. Where to buy

Today many of us do our shopping online. But some consultants are wary of buying computers online. What if something goes wrong? What about warrantees? Consider warrantees, maintenance issues and IT support when choosing what and where to buy. Remember, as a consultant you may not have an IT support team to turn to when things go wrong.

7. Do your research!

Before splurging on your favourite model, spend a few minutes researching the product online. What are customers saying? What do people love about it? What is the most common complaint with the product? 

Keep these seven tips in mind when buying your netbook, and you’ll end up with a netbook that suits your needs as a consultant. 

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