How writing articles can help your business

Writing articles can help your business by jump-starting your expert status, offering free advertising and building backlinks to your website.

The first step is to identify a publication related to your niche that may accept your contribution. There are many magazines, journals, trade publications, websites and blogs that would be glad to publish your article. In fact, I’d be happy to welcome your article here at Consultant Journal; I’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in writing articles for Consultant Journal.

Writing articles helps boost your expert status, which benefits you in two ways–adding to your resume and exposing your expertise to a larger market:

1. Once you are published, be sure to use your full name, your business name and make reference to your article on your website and anywhere else that’s applicable. This boosts your credibility with potential clients.

2. In addition, when you are published, readers who are unfamiliar with you will come across your article, which includes your name, your business name and your website address.

If you’re writing for an online magazine, website or blog, be sure to capitalize on the opportunity by requesting a link back to your website or portfolio. The more links pointing to your website the better. These links drive traffic to your site, and they can be helpful when search engines rank your website against your competitors.

Writing an article may be easier than you think. You know your business inside and out. You’ve got the skills, experience and expertise. So contact a potential publisher–be it on the web or in print–and see whether you can write a short article that boosts your expert status.

Are you a consultant? Why not start by writing here at Consultant Journal?

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