Best multifunction printer shopping tips

The best multifunction printer shopping tips occured to me AFTER I bought my Brother MFC 4420C multifunction printer.  I don’t exactly think I purchased the best multifunction printer, as I mentioned in "Office gadgets I can’t live without. I’ve had a lot of trouble with print quality and cartridge errors and the printer runs out of ink way too fast for my liking.

However, I’ve learned a lot from my mistake, so here are my thoughts for how to best find a multifunction printer.

Choosing the best multifunction printer

  1. How are you planning to use the printer? For documents, photos, newsletters, flyers? Your needs will vary according to use.
  2. Do you need color or black and white printing?
  3. Do you need high resolution printing? If you aren’t doing photos, you can get away with a lower resolution, although you don’t want to go too low.
  4. Do you really need a multifunction printer? If you already have a printer, scanner and a fax, all you’re going to gain from a multifunction printer is better use of space.
  5. How much do the ink cartridges cost?
  6. How long do the ink cartridges last?
  7. Do you need a laser printer or can you survive with a sturdy inkjet?
  8. Is there a warranty? For how long and for what?
  9. Can you return the printer after a week or two, if you don’t like it?
  10. Will this printer be going on sale soon?

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