Personalized business Christmas cards

Personalized business Christmas cards can be a great gesture during the holiday season. Although I recommend using more neutral holiday greeting cards, as opposed to Christmas cards, sending out any sort of card serves as a great marketing tool at end of year. Obviously, you’ll want to start thinking about sending cards out well in advance, or else you won’t have time to line things up. If you start thinking about year-end now, you can take the time to shop for personalized business Christmas cards. As I mentioned in my post on discount business Christmas cards, adding a personal touch is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Tips for personalized business Christmas cards

  1. Look for non-Christmas themes that better reflect the diversity of your world.
  2. Use brief, secular messages.
  3. Don’t send your personal family newsletter to clients, unless you count them among your close friends.
  4. Consider sending a New Year’s or Thanksgiving card, if you are unsure how your clients will react to even a secular card at Christmastime.
  5. Have someone you trust review and proofread your personalized message.
  6. Shop early. Christmas cards look out of place in mid-January! If you can’t beat the holiday rush, opt for a New Year’s card.
  7. Opt for messages and greetings that reinforce your business’s themes without turning into marketing spiels.

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