Discount business Christmas cards & greetings

Discount business Christmas cards are popular among small business owners, such as consultants. Many business owners feel obligated to send Christmas holiday greeting cards to their clients, vendors and partners, as a gesture of goodwill. However, choosing what, when, how, why and whether to send out Christmas cards (or, preferably, discount business holiday greeting cards) can be tricky. You should be thinking about holiday cards well in advance of the holidays, so you don’t run into a time crunch.

Tips for discount business Christmas cards:

  1. Don’t cheap out. If your cards look and feel cheap, your clients won’t feel like you care about them and they may even question how well you’re doing.
  2. Consider personalized business Christmas cards, so that you can reinforce your corporate greetings.
  3. Avoid Christmas, religious and other sensitive themes.
  4. Shop around. With plenty of discount Christmas card vendors in the market, you’ll want to look at a few vendors before choosing.
  5. Sign the cards personally, wherever possible.
  6. Handwrite a personal greeting, so people know you’ve personally reviewed the card.
  7. If your budget is really tight, consider working with a graphic designer who creates online cards in Flash, HTML or email formats.
  8. Think about using postcards to save on envelopes, postage and handling.

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