Discount multifunction printers

Discount multifunction printers are easiest to find online, in my opinion. Following yesterday’s post on the best multifunction printer shopping tips, a couple of people emailed me to ask where to get discount multifunction printers. Here are my tips for finding a great discount printer.

Discount multifunction printers — how to find them

  1. Read your local flyers for current promotions
  2. Visit electronics stores and ask when they’ll be running discounts on their printers (in some areas, the stores must tell you if a sale is going to take place soon)
  3. Review online listings for printers
  4. Check eBay and other auction sites for new printers
  5. Ask your friends and family if they know of any upcoming sales
  6. Go to the websites for your favourite printer brands and see if they have any rebates or promotions you can print out and mail in
  7. Take a look at the "rebates" section of your favourite electronics dealers and see if they have any deals
  8. When you’re reviewing online listings for printers, see if there are any rebates listed — check the product info section, in case they’ve hidden the deal
  9. Be patient. If you wait long enough, everything eventually goes on sale.
  10. Register with online coupon sites and electronics dealers, so you get coupons and sales information.

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