When did you start dreaming of consulting?

I started dreaming of working as a consultant when I was in university. The idea of running my own business was really appealing to me. I initially dreamed of working as a freelance writer, but eventually saw myself as a consultant for the high tech sector. I loved the idea of helping foster technological innovation, so that my region could move away from its natural resource-based economy.

When did you start dreaming of consulting?

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4 thoughts on “When did you start dreaming of consulting?”

  1. Hey long time reader, first time poster. I like to lurk. Anyway I started dreaming of going out on my own when I had a boss I really didn’t like. THe guy made my work life a nightmare. I started hatching a plan to moonlight in the evenings and I picked up a few jobs here and there. I know that in a few more months I will be able to quit my job and really fulfill my dream.

  2. When I realized that I hated my boss and I really just wnated to be my own boss. About 5 years ago when the economy was really bad, but I wasn’t ready to quit my job because of that. Now seems like the perfect time.

  3. I’ve always done freelance work, but I started to think about becoming a consultant when my 8-year-long dream job was coming to an end. Becoming a consultant was a way to capitalize on the skills and expertise I had developed, and to be more self-directed in my career, and less reliant on employers. I like to have some combination of consulting and employement going at any one time–it’s the best of both worlds!

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