Finding new clients – part 3

Finding new clients – as part of my weekly series on finding new clients, I’m discussing ways to drum up business. A great way to find new clients is to put together a webpage. I’ve had a website for about 10 years and it’s been a great marketing tool for me. In a world where clients now tend to research you before ever contacting you for a proposal, a website lets you market yourself while you’re busy doing other things (like sleeping).

Some consultants will tell you that clients don’t do business with strangers, so a website will be little help. In my experience, they’re wrong. Lots of companies and individuals visit websites to find new consultants. In fact, one of my first clients, Hewlett-Packard, hired me after visiting my website in search of a high tech industry writer. Today, I still receive tons of leads via my website — sometimes more than I get from word-of-mouth referrals, although that’s the source for the bulk of my business.

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  1. Just type my name into your browser’s address bar or Google for my name. I don’t want to send a link from this site to that one, as it will affect my rankings.

  2. Would you share with us your website URL? I think it would be interesting to see how you use your website to convert your visitors to qualified leads. Also, do you use any search engine optimization techniques or pay-per-click to increase your presence on the web?

    As a consultant myself, I firmly believe that the web is the consultant’s ultimate marketing tool along with the use of blogs and podcasts. It is the best way to demonstrate our knowledge, which is an intangible asset – something difficult to market unlike an actual product.

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