Finding new clients – part 3

Finding new clients – part 3

Finding new clients – as part of my weekly series on finding new clients, I’m discussing ways to drum up business. A great way to find new clients is to put together a webpage. I’ve had a website for about 10 years and it’s been a great marketing tool for me. In a world where clients now tend to research you before ever contacting you for a proposal, a website lets you market yourself while you’re busy doing other things (like sleeping).

Some consultants will tell you that clients don’t do business with strangers, so a website will be little help. In my experience, they’re wrong. Lots of companies and individuals visit websites to find new consultants. In fact, one of my first clients, Hewlett-Packard, hired me after visiting my website in search of a high tech industry writer. Today, I still receive tons of leads via my website — sometimes more than I get from word-of-mouth referrals, although that’s the source for the bulk of my business.

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