Finding new clients – part 5

Finding new clients takes up part of every independent consultant’s workload. But sometimes it’s not you who’s finding the clients. Sometimes, the clients find you.

A week or two ago, I was at a computer store with my good friend, who’s a art direction consultant and graphic designer. She was there to pick up some software. As she was about to grab the last box, another customer started asking her questions about graphic design software. By the end of the conversation, he’d asked for her name and business card. Even though he was looking at graphic design software, he didn’t really know how to use it and would be much better off to spend the money on a graphic designer.

No matter where you are, be prepared to put on your consulting hat — and hand out a business card. You never know when you might find a client…or when they might find you. Sometimes, lead generation means nurturing leads when and where they find you.

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