3 surprising ways to increase your work productivity

Like other professionals, consultants can suffer from boredom or stress or isolation. Often your productivity declines as a result, which can lead to frustration or apathy. Does this sound like you?

Via Elephant Magazine, here are 3 surprising things that will increase your work productivity:

  1. Take your work to a cafe.
  2. Take your dog to work.
  3. Slow down!

For consultants who work from home, Tip #1 is great advice. Getting out of the house and into a stimulating environment can work wonders if you’re stuck in a rut or feeling lonely.

As for bringing your dog to work, well if it’s allowed, why not? According to the article, the presence of a dog can reduce office stress and also relax clients.

Tip #3, slowing down, means adding quality time to your life. Exercise more. Sleep more. Eat well.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to shake things up. It’s so important to keep your mind and body in tune, both mentally and physically. If you do, you will definitely see an improvement in your work productivity.

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