5 critical keys for your website

These days, just about any business needs a website. But if that website lacks tools to maximize opportunities, your income and business growth will be impeded. To be successful, your website needs to include certain elements:

  1. Contact Information. How else will you receive sales inquiries? Always include email or other contact details so people can get hold of you.
  2. Opt In Email. A little space for people to submit their email address so as to receive product and promotional updates can generate many sales down the road.
  3. "About Us" Section. Some don’t see the value in this one, but it really is important. You need a short bio describing who you are, what your company provides, how long you’ve been in business and any accolades you have received. It will make potential customers much more comfortable with you. If I stumble across a site that doesn’t have an "About Us" section, I find that I’m less likely to contact them. And I’m not the only person like that!
  4. Graphics. A website that is nothing but text is a real tough sell because it is dull and difficult on the eyes. Adding pictures, illustrations, graphics and so on will do wonders for improving the image of your business in the customer’s eye. And that will often make them more likely to contact you.
  5. Your name. Rather than hide behind a business name, inject some personality into your online image. People like to deal with people — not behemoth businesses. Look at including your name and a bio on your "About Us" page.

While these may seem like minor aspects, it is often those little touches that can make or break a website.

What would you include on any website?

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  1. Just read through a lot of your blog posts and I have to admit that you’ve really grown as a writer. Your newer posts are much more convincing and really fun to read (don’t mean to bash your old ones). Keep up the good work!

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