5 reasons to use weird business cards

Via ezinearticles, here’s a list of the (dead link) top 5 reasons unconventional business cards work.

One of the best business cards I’ve ever seen was for a software company that based its technology on mathematics related to cubes. When you pressed down on the sides of the business card, the die cuts helped the paper fold into a cube. This reinforced the idea and gave people a reason to hang on to the card, perhaps to show their friends. In fact, I only recycled the card a few weeks ago, even though I met with their marketing department around 2002.

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3 thoughts on “5 reasons to use weird business cards”

  1. It seems to me that there’s a place for both.

    A writer/web designer/artist should use business cards as a means of expression.

    On the other hand, perhaps more straight-forward professions should stick to more straight-forward business cards.

    Either way, you can’t please everyone!

  2. I think it really depends on the quality of the card. The one I referenced was a very expensive die cut card and it only turned into a cube if you knew the trick. Otherwise, it looked like a normal corporate card.

    It really depends on your market. Sometimes you can be more unconventional. In some cases, that might simply mean using a colour like magenta!

  3. I totally disagree with using unconventional business cards. From the ones I have seen, I think they are unprofessional and just gaudy looking.

    I prefer to stick with a 100lb paper card that is either white or light gray and crisp and clean writing. No fancy fonts. Include your logo, name and best contact info. Don’t include too many numbers as it will make the card too busy.

    Just my preference. What do you think?

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