5 tips for digital holiday cards

Holiday cards can help market your business. But they involve a lot of paper and postage. Many small businesses have turned to digital options to help cut costs and waste. Still, an email may not have the same impact as a paper card. Here’s how some businesses mitigate the effects of boring email greetings:

  1. Hire a graphic designer. If you’re planning to send a lot of cards, you might want to invest in the services of a graphic designer. A designer can create an HTML or PDF-based greeting card — or even a webpage.
  2. Send text emails, but direct people to a web-based page with graphics or even music.
  3. Record a video greeting and make the link available via email.
  4. Put together your own graphical email greeting — or hire a student to help.
  5. Email your clients individually and note that you’ll be donating your usual holiday card costs to a charity. (Then make the donation!)