50 ways to increase your productivity

Want to increase your productivity? Check out this list of 50 ways to increase your productivity, via Lifehack.

Number 29 is good for a chuckle: go on an information diet. Given that the list of ways to increase your productivity runs to 50, just reading the article itself underscores the problem. I know I can waste a lot of time reading information online, though. When you consider email, blogs, websites, newspapers and instant messenger, it’s easy to fritter away a chunk of time. In recent months, I’ve worked to become more efficient with the information I consume.

3 thoughts on “50 ways to increase your productivity”

  1. I made myself a promise that I’d finish “work” before I started reading stuff for no reason. I’ve had mixed results!

  2. Andrea – Do you have any tips on ways to be more efficient with online information? I created a folder in favorites called “Check Daily” and two subfolders called 1)websites 2)blogs. This way I get to my sites and blogs faster each day. BTW – you are listed in my favorites folder 🙂

  3. There is a definite information overload in our culture. It’s even worse than in our parent’s generation, in my opinion, because there are so many more sources of information. There’s the Internet, cable, even satellite radio — all which did not exist a generation ago.

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