60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace on coaches and mentors

Mike Wallace has been co-editor of 60 Minutes since 1968. Early on in his career, Mike was coached and mentored by Harvard graduate, Arthur Goldsmith.

Mike was working on commercials, but his dream was to work in news. Arthur saw Mike’s potential and encouraged Mike to make the leap toward news.

"Arthur kept on me, and I paid attention," said Mike (expired link). "He told me that I wasn’t realizing enough of myself. And finally there came a time in my life when I said, ‘Arthur’s right. He’s right!’ So I gave up everything and it worked out."

Mike’s story illustrates one of the five reasons why professionals need mentors: an outside point of view.

When you’re working hard in a career you don’t love, it can be a juggling act to find time to think about the big picture. But a mentor’s role is to help you recognize your strengths and to help you consider your career as a whole.

Sometimes it takes the encouragement and insight of a mentor to propel you closer to your dream.

Mike Wallace recognized the power of mentorship. Mike’s mentor led him to a successful career in news broadcasting, which, for Mike, was the realization of a dream.

Where could a mentor take you?

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