A note about comments

Thank you all for the comments you make here on Consultant Journal. It’s great when we get a discussion going and your comments add value for other people reading the site.

However, as this site has become more popular, I’ve seen an increase in comments that fall somewhere between obvious spam and genuine content. I feel compelled to address this.

Comments are welcome

  • Got questions? Feel free to post on the site. Chances are that someone will chime in with hep.
  • Disagree with me? Comment away! Alternate viewpoints are more than appreciated.
  • Agree with me? Think I should win the Pulitzer Prize for blogging? Heck, make twice as many comments!
  • Like to hear yourself talk? Hey, it’s no different than me running this blog. Comment at will!

Comment approval

  • If you make comments that have no relevance to the post, the comments will not be approved.
  • If you stuff the name box with keywords, your comments will not be approved.
  • If you sign off with your product name only, your comments will not be approved.
  • If you blatantly promote your wares or those of a client and do not tie them into the post in a meaningful way, your comments will not be approved.

That being said, I don’t mind if you use a name that helps identify you and your business. "Andrea the Marketing Consultant", "Andrea >> Consultant Journal", "Andrea from Become a Consultant Blog" and so on work just fine for me.

Of course, I always reserve the right to delete, approve or anonymize comments. And comments are the views of those who visit the site — they are not my words or necessarily even close to my opinions.

1 thought on “A note about comments”

  1. Comment spam has been becoming more insidious lately. It is often related to the context of the original post, even if only tangentially. I believe there are companies now paying people to post these sorts of comment spam. Even though the comments are sort of relevant, they contain links. I usually leave the comment but edit to remove the link.

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