Average consultant fees

Average consultant rates tend to be, well, typical. If you’re hiring or working as an average consultant rates should be lacklustre – because, well, they’re average! What’s more important is the value provided by the consultant. It’s not so much about the cost of hiring the consultant as it is about the value of the consultant’s solution.

For example, say you hire a graphic design consultant for $200 to come up with a design for a new logo. Another consultant charges $7,500, but includes presentation of three concepts, mock ups of three concepts, a trademark review, exploration of one of those concepts, and three rounds of revisions to the chosen concept, plus unlimited follow up for 30 days, a presentation to help you launch the logo to your organization, and a customized style guide to help you manage your new intellectual property. Sure, the second consultant “costs” more up front, but the value and cost savings from the solution are tremendous.
So, when looking at average consultant rates, ask yourself: is this an average consultant? If you’re hiring a consultant, do you want average results? If you are a consultant, do you provide average results? Look at the value of the solution, not the dollar amount.

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