Become a grant writing consultant

Become a grant writing consultant and help non-profits succeed. If you become a grant writing consultant, you’ll help non-profits write grant applications for funding from governments, foundations, benefactors, lotteries and other organizations. Becoming a grant writing consultant usually means you have experience in working for non-profit organizations or for funders. However, sometimes someone with a good understanding of decision-making, writing, editing, positioning, and research will become a grant-writing consultant.

Since becoming a consultant, I’ve done work as a grant writing consultant and I have to say that it feels good to help a worthy organization bring in much-needed funding. I still remember the sheer joy of learning that one of my clients, a food bank, had received funding for 30,000 cans of tuna!

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  1. I want to be trained to become grant consultant. kindly , guide me to prepare for that. If you offer online training please let me know Thank you.

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