Become a legal nurse consultant

Become a legal nurse consultant? Sure, why not! My series on ideas for becoming a consultant continues! This time, I look at what it takes to become a legal nurse consultant. A legal nurse consultant is a licensed, registered nurse who takes part in litigation. In doing so, they carry out consulting for nursing practices, law firms, healthcare professions, healthcare and legal services consumers, and other organizations. A legal nurse consultant can work with attorneys, jury consultants, physicians, clients and others. They may educate attorneys and consumers. In legal roles, they may help put together law suits, prepare witness lists, interview witnesses, assess damage and causation, review medical records, or more.

People who become legal nurse consultants work in law firms, government, insurance, hospital risk management teams, and consulting firms. Many also become independent legal nurse consultants, running their own businesses.

If you’re planning on a career in the health professions or looking at expanding your career as a registered nurse, think about becoming a legal nurse consultant. Or, if it’s not quite up your alley, check out other ideas for becoming a consultant:

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