Become an e-learning consultant

Regular reader Harold Jarche has published an article on becoming an e-learning consultant. It’s an excellent overview that even provides information on typical consulting fees.

Harold’s article is of particular interest to me, because of my own background in e-learning. I previously developed computer-based training programs for a major hydro-electric company, before moving into course and course material development for education and careers organizations. I’ve also taught courses, including one on Writing for Multimedia at the University of British Columbia. I also have a certificate in teaching adults. Some of my clients are e-learning organizations.

Why am I telling you all this? I feel strongly that, while it’s good to own a consulting niche, it’s also good to be flexible about the work you do. Sometimes, your unique blend of skills allows you to move into a new area.

Do you have any recent successes to share? I’m always keen to highlight the successes of Consultant Journal readers. Drop me a line.