Friday 5 — business qualities of introverts

If you’re an introvert, you may think you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to building a business. After all, aren’t extroverts the best people to sell services, nurture client relationships and network? Well, according to Coachville, introverts offer business qualities.

I’m not really an introvert, but I’ve seen many introverts succeed in consulting careers. Those introverts usually succeed by differentiating themselves.

Top 5 introvert business qualities

  1. Focus on getting to the point in meetings and personal interactions
  2. Interest in solitary activities, such as research, writing, reading, designing and inventing
  3. Disciplined
  4. Independence
  5. Likely to process an idea before blurting it out

2 thoughts on “Friday 5 — business qualities of introverts”

  1. Thanks for your comment. I think you’ve made some good points. But people can work around those things. I’m actually pretty extroverted, but I hate the phone. I haven’t made a cold call in recent history.

  2. Being slightly to the introverted side, I can definitely relate. These five qualities are extremely accurate. I would say that wanting to get to the point quickly may be a disadvantage depending on the audience and their preference.

    One difficult task for introverts from my experience is talking the talk. i.e. selling, networking, cold/warm calling.

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