Become an environmental consultant

Become an environmental consultant and combine your passion for the environment with the personal and financial freedom of consulting. Also known colloquially as "green" consulting, becoming an environmental consultant is a new consulting field that is gaining ground.

Environmental consulting is a diverse and growing industry. According to a 2008 article by IBISworld,  the environmental consulting industry expected growth in the vicinity of 9.7 percent during that year.

This growth comes as a result of growing public concern for the environment. Governments and corporations are equally concerned with being perceived as being considerate to the environment–or at least in compliance with environmental regulations.

Green consulting is diverse and there are a number of sub-niches within environmental consulting:

  • A professional with a scientific or technical background may become an environmental consultant that specializes in geotechnical reports and works directly in the field.
  • A professional with a communications or social science background may become an environmental consultant that specializes in research or public education.
  • A professional with a construction, planning, or architectural background may focus on green building initiatives and become familiar with the the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system, which is a "green" building code.

To determine whether you should become an environmental consultant, consider your background, experience, and your personal inventory of interests, values, and inspirations.

For tangible tips on how to become an environmental consultant, check out my series of articles and FAQs on how to become a consultant.

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