Become an online researcher |Online researcher job

Become an online researcher |Online researcher job

Become an online researcher and work from home. Looking for a work from home consulting business? Become an online researcher and put your research, analysis and writing skills to work. Companies regularly hire researchers. Sure, companies with deep pockets tend to subscribe to research services, but smaller firms lack the in-house resources to carry out detailed research.

What kind of research does an online researcher do? Well, even though I’m a marketing consultant, I sometimes work from home as an online researcher. I’ve helped companies research information in government reports, online databases, trade journals, census documents, books, magazines, websites, search engines and other sources. My research has been used in market planning, business planning, product development, business development, search engine optimization, pricing, promotions, direct mail, magazine articles, brochures, whitepapers…wow, I could go on an on.

Consider becoming an online researcher if you want to work from home — and you have a strong background in research and writing and can make easy work of a library’s catalog, search engines or online databases.

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