Becoming a consultant — your reasons

Becoming a consultant is a dream for many people. Yet some never take the plunge. For me, becoming a consultant is the best decision I’ve ever made. Consulting has afforded me a flexible work schedule, time with family, challenging projects and financial reward. But I’m just one story. Tell me your reasons for becoming a consultant. If you aren’t already a consultant, tell me why you’d like to be one.

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5 thoughts on “Becoming a consultant — your reasons”

  1. I’m still working at becoming a consultant. I haven’t done anything yet — no cards, no website, no business plan. However I am thinking hard about what I want to do and your site has helped me figure out a lot of pieces of the puzzle. What I finding appealing about becoming a consultant is that I could turn away work I don’t like and pick and choose my clients. When you work in a company you can’t always do that.

  2. I want to become a consultant so I can stay home with my two little boys. I hate that I had to go back to work so soon and becoming a consultant would let me spend time with them.

  3. Haven’t actually made the commitment yet. Just thinking about it. Would like to be able to travel more after retirement and consulting gigs seem like a good way to help finance that once my pension kicks in.

  4. I am keen on stepping onto the consultancy path, however seems I’m still a bit scared of ‘what if…’
    I am truly committed to the work I do, very organized and getting a bit frustrated that I have to cut the cord with my work every time my husband is being transferred to another job location, hence the consideration of being a consultant, which I would be able to do anywhere.
    I enjoy having ‘different hats on’ except I don’t enjoy the selling part (particularly cold calls) so I guess my fear is hidden there….

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