Becoming a freelance writer – part 3

This is a guest post by Laura-Jane Koers, who recently leaped into the world of freelance writing. See her series on becoming a freelance writer.

Once I confessed to the world that I wanted to become a freelance writer, the world responded. (Well, my world responded, anyway!)

My family and friends helped connect me with a number of writing contacts. And I’m thankful that I had the courage to ask for my friends’ support and help.

Still, I couldn’t rely solely on good recommendations; I had to stand on my own. So I drafted emails, made phone calls, and wrote proposals. And then I drafted more emails, made more phone calls, and wrote more proposals!

Landing My First Contracts

After a number of maybes and thank-you-buts (and even more no-answers-at-all), it finally happened. My connections led me to a contract writing position for a large online site. Then, a suggestion from a friend led me to sign on as a contributing writer for an online magazine.

With a few contracts in my growing portfolio, my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. I felt ready to hit the big leagues.

Getting Serious About Becoming a Consultant

I started scouring the internet for freelance job postings, and I found some great active websites.

I also pushed myself to network in my local community. I contacted my Chamber of Commerce because they can be great places to connect with business owners in a social but business-friendly forum.

I also pushed my boundaries when it came to networking. For example, a freelance journalist in my local area invited me to join a book club. Being a homebody, my initial reaction was to gracefully decline. But then I got to thinking that perhaps I needed to push myself to network with like-minded people. Book club, there I went, and the networking in my local community began!

Once I started networking and getting serious about applying for contract jobs, I knew it was only a matter of time before I started to see real results.

Stay tuned for part 4 next week. Laura-Jane Koers is a writer currently living on Prince Edward Island, in Canada. Since writing this article, she has gone on to become co-founder of Brightflock Consulting.