Business opportunities from home

Business opportunities from home can make a real difference in your life. Working from home offers the chance to make money, keep costs low and achieve work-life balance. But how do you separate business opportunities from home business and work from home scams? Take a look at my post on how to identify work from home scams for pointers.

Finding work you can do from home
may seem like a real challenge. But millions of people work from home, at everything from making jewellery and providing childcare to running multi-million dollar pharmaceutical and food processing businesses. The key is that work from home can mean many things.

Examples of business opportunities you can have at home:

  • A personal trainer may do all admin and marketing work at home, but travel to client sites to do workouts and classes.
  • A home daycare owner may offer childcare in the home.
  • A pharmaceutical sales rep may do lead generation and lead qualification at home, but travel around the world to close deals
  • A company owner may hire freelancers and outsourcing firms to carry out key business roles, so that there’s really only one person working directly for the company. And then that owner may simply work from a home office.
  • A home staging consultant may work from home for marketing, planning and administration, but also run meetings and do some arranging and decorating at the homes of clients.

What does a home-based business or work opportunity mean for you?