Consultant joke | Joke about consulting fees

Consultant joke about consulting fees. I received this consultant joke today. It goes to show why it’s important to consider pricing by the value you deliver, rather than just by the hour.

A consultant died and appeared in heaven before the pearly gates. She noticed there were thousands of people already lined up. But an angel had ushered her to the front of the line, where she was greeted by St. Peter.

"Wow, how come I got to skip the line, St. Peter?" asked the consultant.

St. Peter smiled and said, "We haven’t had someone your age up here since Biblical times. We’ve added up all your billable hours and, by our calculations, you’re 768 years old!"

See my post on setting consulting fees.

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  1. Some nights never seem to end, there’s nothing worse than a 12 hr night when nothing goes wrong so I’ve sat on my ass. At least I have the net for company, they’re not bad but they get twitchy about the phones so I’m lucky to have found something worth a read, thanks by this time of night I need all the help I can get. Fortunately it’s a few weeks before I cycle around to this job again but if your still here I’ll pop in then, plant failure permitting.

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