Do you do windows?

You open an email and it’s a forwarded message from a trusted colleague:

Bob’s a long time friend of mine and his business is looking for someone who can do "windows". I know you usually do consulting, but they’re desperate to get going and they can pay handsomely, if you can start right away. They value a referral and they don’t have the time to look much further. Can you do windows?

So, do you do windows? It’s funny how many of us say, "Yes, I can do ‘windows’" even if it’s not part of our core skillset. The threat that business could dry up tomorrow seems to loom in the minds of many business owners. But, by saying you can do "windows", you may actually be doing yourself more harm than good.

It pays to specialize. If you venture too far from what you’re good at, you’ll waste time and energy in delivering something that’s up to par. And that can hurt your overall business.

Granted, sometimes we all like to have a little extra in the bank. So, if you do "windows", make sure you think about it first. If it makes sense and it won’t take you away from your overall business goals, don’t beat yourself up for doing "windows".

(Thanks to Ed for suggesting this post.)