Does it cost more to work in a regular office job?

Sometimes, people ask me if it’s expensive to work from home. They point out all the home office supplies I need. However, by factoring those items and overhead into my consulting fees, I offset those costs. In comparison, have you ever considered the cost of an office job? One writer summarizes expenses you have when you work in an office job.

Working outside the home poses costs. By working from my home office, I save on all sorts of things. I rarely need drycleaning, since I’m within a few feet of my laundry room. I often make dinners that take all day to stew. I can easily heat up leftovers for lunch. I can get away with a more limited business wardrobe, since I don’t meet with clients every day. I never commute. And so on.

What do you think? Are there costs involved with working in a regular job?